Brillit Consulting is a Swiss Company that offers worldwide an extensive range of consulting services using modern Software, Project Methodologies and proved expertise of our Consultants to help grow your business.

Brillit Consulting Sagl

Corso San Gottardo, 89

6830 – Chiasso (Switzerland)


ist ein Eigentum der Brillit Consulting Sagl

Corso San Gottardo, 89 – 6830 Chiasso


Geschäftsführer: Herr Andrea Nuzzaci

IDI: CHE-468.904.313

Handelsregister: CH-501.4.023.250-9


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We enable the integration of thousands of locations to your back-office

and authorize remote management from one central location.

IoT Integration

Every time your business has experienced a financial hit due to operational negligence, you may have wondered what could you have done differently. What if you could control all aspects of your business remotely without being present everywhere and avert such disasters?

Internet of Things operates on the cloud and is as such a network of connected devices that connect, interact, and exchange data. When these devices are embedded with technology, they can be remotely monitored and controlled.

At Brillit Consulting, we support you to refine and redefine your offerings as well as customer experience through smart, connected devices that facilitate end-to-end connectivity for your business. We consolidate the various facets of your business and connect all of the devices in distributed locations (e.g., retail stores, manufacturing, or healthcare facilities), including servers, desktops, point-of-sale systems, and kiosks.

With Brillit Consulting, you can refine your customer interactions

and optimize the Marketing, Sales and Customer support efforts for your Business

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