Brillit Consulting is a Swiss Company that offers worldwide an extensive range of consulting services using modern Software, Project Methodologies and proved expertise of our Consultants to help grow your business.

Brillit Consulting Sagl

Corso San Gottardo, 89

6830 – Chiasso (Switzerland)


ist ein Eigentum der Brillit Consulting Sagl

Corso San Gottardo, 89 – 6830 Chiasso


Geschäftsführer: Herr Andrea Nuzzaci

IDI: CHE-468.904.313

Handelsregister: CH-501.4.023.250-9


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About us

Brillit Consulting has been founded in 2018 by a group of consultants having decades of international experience, aimed to assist Swiss and European Companies digitalizing their industrial processes through the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) best practices.

Throughout the years the group has molded the Company’s future into a creating a concrete Consulting Company by extending the Customer portfolio and offering services from software selection to fully drive the Company digital transformation.

The Team Board


Andrea Nuzzaci


Maria Della Porta

Business Developer, CFO

Damiano Bernardo

Managing Director, Logistic

Roxana Cojan

Administration, HR

Francesco Ripari

Subject Matter Expert, Trade & Distribution

Giorgio Luccarini

Manufacturing Expert

Maria Camilla Casilli

Graphic Designer

How we help you reach your Project objectives

Strategy & Innovation

Our strategy consultants enable growth and innovation to overcome the industry’s most pressing challenges.

Organizational Performances

We help you add discipline to your business transformation by providing services such as program management, operational excellence, organizational health, and change management.

Innovate and Adapt

Meet your specific business needs and be ready for growth with solutions integrated with your existing systems.

Three big aspects define what the Market is currently lacking:

  • 1

    Guidance and Support

    Large IT Consultancies Companies responsiveness and accessibility is great as long as customers are buying Dynamics 365 or planning an upgrade. But after going live, not so much.
    As business partners move on and become distracted with shiny new toys, customers are left out in the cold and have to figure out how to make the most of their own investment.
    What they require is ongoing guidance and support.

  • 2

    Creative Solutions

    Other Microsoft Dynamics consulting firms (small IT Business Consultancies) are often unable to help Businesses implementing creative solutions to streamline their processes where data capture happens outside of the ERP software itself.

    Point-of-sale, E-commerce, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supplier Systems, Mobile Solutions, Reporting, Barcoding, Dashboard and Document Management are areas where customers need to look elsewhere for support.

  • 3

    Client Satisfaction

    Client satisfaction and Value Realization seem to be of less importance to partners rather than internal considerations like Consultant Utilization and Resource Optimization.

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