Brillit Consulting is a Swiss Company that offers worldwide an extensive range of consulting services using modern Software, Project Methodologies and proved expertise of our Consultants to help grow your business.

Brillit Consulting Sagl

Corso San Gottardo, 89

6830 – Chiasso (Switzerland)


ist ein Eigentum der Brillit Consulting Sagl

Corso San Gottardo, 89 – 6830 Chiasso


Geschäftsführer: Herr Andrea Nuzzaci

IDI: CHE-468.904.313

Handelsregister: CH-501.4.023.250-9


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Project Management

Discover the guidelines that streamline how we help you reach your Project objectives

There are two reasons that projects go haywire. To begin with, inadequate planning leads to an executional nightmare. As a result, it becomes impossible to meet project goals when there is an evident foundational lapse in the way Projects are managed.

Project Management is an attempt to apply knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to successfully achieve the Project goals.

This includes following a five-step execution process according to Project Management Institute:

  1. Initiating
  2. Planning
  3. Executing and Monitoring
  4. Controlling
  5. Closing

Typically, Business Project Management, as we have come to learn over the years, needs a definite structure that defines how your Project is executed. Through this process we shape up your projects and create coherence between these aspects of business: Integration | Scope | Time | Cost | Quality | Procurement | Human resources | Communications | Risk management | Stakeholder management.

Project Management is indeed a rigorous Environment that requires a lot of efficiency and organization.

This is something that gives us immense pleasure to execute; seeing a project flourish from start through to its successful completion.

How we help you reach your Project objectives


PMI is a standard which essentially means best practices. By following this standard, we can ensure favorable results for your project.


Prince 2 is a methodology that follows a step by step process. We use these set rules to perform project management.


Scrum/Agile is a framework with a base that can be built upon. Through this framework, we provide you with a blueprint of thePproject and then this is developed further until its completion.

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Business Process Transformation 

We can guide you through rapid transition that you’re about to experience as a part of your Business process transformation

There comes a time in every business, when it has endured enough of the stagnation and needs a fresher, more profitable approach. Which means you have to raise the bar for your product quality or service delivery, and maximize your Customer satisfaction performance.

Business Process Transformation doesn’t necessarily apply to all aspects of your business but could be targeted to just some crucial ones that need a refresh. Ultimately, its objective is to deliver a quantifiable growth in your customer value. As such, Business Process Transformation may vary depending on the current market trends, and the nature of your business, however, there are three phases that broadly defines how the process unfolds: Planning, Analyzing and Executing

Brillit Consulting endeavors to guide you through rapid transition that you’re about to experience as a part of your Business process transformation. As we steer your efforts in a productive and valuable direction, with benchmarked best practices and efficient processes, your business experiences a competitive upper hand in the fast-growing, turbulent market. We ensure that you adapt and embrace constant improvement in favor of your business goals.

Digital Transformation

and Organizational Change Management

By preparing, adopting, and implementing radical alterations to the fabric of your Organization, we restructure the culture, internal policies, processes.

In our experience, Organizations do not respond well to transformation because the approach is not befitting of the level of change that the business is aiming at, moreover, they are not aligned with the disruptive business ecosystem. This is the reason most businesses fail to meet consumer expectations, especially without the convergence of technology.

Organizational Change Management is a framework that reimagines the structure and culture of your Business, while giving it space to grow among the volatile technological landscape and still transcend customer expectations. In the era of digital transformation, this framework allows you to tend to the changes that obstruct your business from moving beyond the traditional methods.

That’s why Brillit Consulting orchestrates a more structured and determined approach that doesn’t just help you experience growth but also transforms the way your staff and teams interact. By preparing, adopting, and implementing radical alterations to the fabric of your Organization, we restructure the culture, internal policies, processes. This way we can reform how your employee skills, roles & responsibilities are assigned to reconfigure the capabilities of your business and drive digital transformation.

Communications Strategy 

Appropriate channels for the different types of communication that sync with business goals

More often than not, companies make the blunder of not being able to seriously and effectively communicate the benefit of their offerings to their Customers.

This is what leads them astray from the road to success.

Having a comprehensive communications strategy allows you to etch the way forward to your advantage. More specifically, it lets you assign appropriate channels for the different types of communication that sync with your culture and business goals.

With Brillit Consulting, you can expect a proper disintegration of all your communication vehicles.

We’ll evaluate your metrics to measure how effective your communication is and accordingly alter your communication strategy to drive continuous growth.

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